Welcome to the Microenterprise Resource Guide. This site will assist individuals and agencies interested in starting a Micro Business. You will find information about resources available in the Anchorage area to develop and launch a micro business successfully.

Purposes of this guide:

  • To provide information about the nature of self-employment and to help you decide if this is a good path for you.
  • To provide resources which will help you find out more about your business idea.
  • To guide future microenterprise owners to helpful internet and local resources for business development.

The information and resources listed on this site represent only a sample of those available. If you know what information you need, the site has been organized so you may go directly to the information you want. Simply click on any of the headings at the top of this page and go directly to the information.

If you have a business idea, but are not sure what to do next, the following Check List is designed to give you a step-by-step process for creating your Microenterprise.